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Pull-Tye Mistblowers 

Heavy Duty!! Good Qulity!! SUN Series


  • Heavy duty frame and tanks
  • Less breakdown due to simple configuration
  • Normal circle fan
  • Model : SUN-600P 600L Tank
  • Model : SUN-1200P 1200L Tank
  • Model : SUN-2000P 2000L Tank
Brass double nozzles

1. Brass double nozzles

Good spraying effect due to uniform and fine spray

Since there are two nozzles, it can be used by adjusting the amount of spray even at the same pressure

High pressure diaphragm pump

2. High pressure diaphragm pump

ANNOVI diaphragm pump

3. Electric control system

3. Electric control system

Spraying is controlled at driver's seat by controller simply

It is possible to control the left and right separately with a switch inside the tractor

Convenient pressure control with pressure control lever

Conveniently adjust the amount you want

4. Aluminum fan

4. Aluminum fan

The fan is made of aluminum, not plastic, so the air volume is even and the direction of the wind is straight for good control effect

The desired amount of wind can be obtained by adjusting the number of level of the fan's gearbox

N : Prevents young flowers from falling due to strong wind

1 Level : Normal wind speed

2 Level : Powerful wind force to control the inside of the fruit tree due to the lush leaves

SUN-600P can only be adjusted to N and Level 1

5. Protector for fan

5. Protector for fan

Prevents foreign substances from entering the fan

6. Top air deflector

6. Top air deflector

A device installed on the top of the fan to control the direction of the wind and spray it to the desired location

7. 2Point articulated hitch

7. 2Point articulated hitch

Easy to use as there is no contact between the tractor tire and the product when rotating by articulated two-point hitch

8. Overruning clutch universal joint

8. Overruning clutch universal joint

Overrunning clutch universal joint is provided as standard for pump and fan protection

9. Built-in pump wash and hand wash tank

9.Built-in pump wash and hand wash tank

A separate wash water tank for cleaning is installed as a standard to clean the remaining pesticide residue after using

If the remaining amount of pesticide is not cleaned, the remaining pesticide may damage the pump and piping

Clean the pump and pipes with clean water from the wash tank by changing the direction from the main tank to the wash tank for washing by using a separate valve